Food Donation

Do you have excess food? We can schedule pick ups on a weekly basis or as needed. Pick ups are based on weight: minimum 25 lbs. to maximum 500 lbs.

We accept food prepared in commercial kitchens and produce from farms and gardens. Special attention is paid to ensure proper food-safe temps are maintained, and most food runs are "door to door" in 30 minutes or less.

We'll work with you to reduce the disposable waste, including returning containers.

Food donation is safe and the Federal Food Safety Law protects donors and donations.

Chef Jake, St. Luke's Health


Our service is free of charge.

Receive great tax benefits. Eligible businesses can deduct the lesser of (a) 2x the basis value of the donated food and (b) the profit margin if the food were sold at its Fair Market Value. Refer to the Federal Enhanced Tax Deduction for Food Donation- legal guide for Food Donation, from the Food Law and Policy Clinic at Harvard here.

All food donations are recorded and a year-end detailed receipt is provided for tax purposes.