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Table of vegetables

Food goes to waste at every stage of food production and distribution - from farmers to packers and shippers, from manufacturers to retailers to our homes.

Source: Feeding America

We see the problem:
We have a solution
  • We recover excess fresh produce and freshly- prepared foods destined for the landfill and distribute them to our partner recipient organizations, which in turn distribute the perfectly good food to their communities. Every recipient organization we partner with has different needs for their clients, the vast majority of which are low-income and high-need.

  • We partner with 25+ food donors in commercial kitchens at restaurants, hospitals, caterers, and local farmer's market vendors who have excess nutritious food. We're partners with 25+ food recipient organizations and deliver that food quickly and safely to people in need. Would you like to be a food donor? See our "Donate Food" section.

  • In 2023, Rolling Tomato more than tripled the previous year's food recovery record, saving over 216,000 lbs. of food totaling: $386,393. In total, RT has recovered over 416,000 lbs. of food since its inception. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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