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Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Mosier

Before moving to Boise a year and a half ago, Bob Mosier made a name for himself restoring antique cars while also finding time to volunteer at local homeless shelters in Southern California. He has been a dedicated volunteer with Rolling Tomato for the past nine months. A humble and compassionate individual whose commitment to serving those less fortunate is truly inspiring.

Bob had the good fortune to move into Julie D’Agostino’s neighborhood, and after chatting with her, he became a volunteer for Rolling Tomato.

He says he likes volunteering because, “RT has a number of really nice/cool volunteers, a great culture, and the organization is terrific. I enjoy the people at the various places from which we collect food, as well as the people at the various service centers and food pantries.

“So many folks have so much, and yet there are too many without enough. Distribution of surplus food is key to preventing waste, as well as meeting the needs of those without enough food.”

Bob sees the intersection of homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse/addiction, emotional trauma, and a whole host of handicaps. “The causes are many, and the solutions are not easy to determine. I myself was a bad alcoholic and drug addict until 1988, and since then I have lived without relying on any substances, but I have had bouts of depression, along with pretty severe anxiety at times. Though my suffering has not been debilitating, thank God, it nevertheless gives me insight into what it’s like to struggle with mental illness. I have a great deal of compassion for those who are confronted with these difficult issues, and for whom they are extreme handicaps. Life as a “normal" citizen is not possible for some folks, and we as a society must recognize that there is a percentage of our population who are not able to function, and we need to dedicate ourselves to aiding those people in any way we can.”

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